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17.02.2015 By:DOAG Online
DOAG backs open letter written by the Campaign for Clear Licensing

The Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL), a British not-for-profit organization campaigning for the rights of business software buyers, wrote an open letter to Oracle CTO Larry Ellison and presented Oracle with seven changes that customers would like t... more

MySQL: The changes since the Acquisition

In January 2010 Oracle's acquisition of MySQL changed the ongoing development of the MySQL product family. Asked about the tranformations made in the last five years and the future of MySQL, the Vice President of MySQL Development at Oracle, Tomas Ul... more, MySQL
Everybody's system is different

Larry Carpenter is considered the guru of business continuity management. He is specialized in high availability and disaster recovery. In this interview the product manager of Oracle USA explains the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture in detai... more, Datenbank
Craig Shallahamer: „Oracle has the best wait interface“

Craig Shallahamer is one of the experts in terms of performance tuning and a fan of the Oracle wait interface. In an interview with Matthias Mann he explains how database administrators can use the wait interface to identify and forecast shortages. E... more, Datenbank
01.09.2014 By:DOAG Online
More intelligent Systems for MOS

The loyal conference attendees already know Richard Sarwal as Vice President of Product Development. He is now at the forefront of the support organization and will present his plans in a keynote at DOAG 2014 Conference + Exhibition.... more

09.04.2014 By:DOAG Online
Ensure the openness of the system

For Andreea Vasiliu, the openness of Hyperion has always been a determining success factor. In a conversation with Robert Kleditsch, Leader of the Hyperion Community, she introduces the benefits of a business software working with third party product... more

14.02.2014 By:DOAG Online
DOAG@Talk: Bryn Llewellyn explains how Oracle Database 12c works

He explains the architecture of Oracle Database 12c and its benefits like no one else has ever done it. Bryn Llewellyn, Product manager at Oracle, illustrates in a conversation with Christian Trieb (Head of the Database Community at DOAG), how Oracle... more

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