DOAG Deutsche ORACLE-Anwendergruppe e.V.

Infrastructure & Middleware Community

Since Sun Microsystems has been taken over, Oracle's portfolio has been expanded considerably in terms of infrastructure. It was absolutely vital for the DOAG to attach special importance to the new range of products of the database powerhouse. Therefore it launched the Infrastructure & Middleware Community. The youngest of the four communities has made constant progress since it has been founded and has proven to be an independent pillar in the association's work. It shows enormous potential being developed step by step by the DOAG.

Since the community's foundation, we have merged two subject areas: infrastructure and middleware. Ranging from hardware to the application server, virtualization solutions and operating systems, the DOAG takes all topics in these fields into account. It dedicates appropriate space to the infrastructure technologies while focusing on Oracle, Solaris, Oracle Linux, Sun Hardware and Oracle VM. Along with these product-related topics, the community addresses trans-disciplinary topics such as performance, monitoring, or high availability, and works with other communities and cross-sectional groups to provide one single source for the user to obtain all the information.

To give the appropriate attention to these topics, the community comes together on a regular basis to attend technically oriented seminars and workshops. The one-day Special Interest Group (SIG Infrastructure and SIG Fusion Middleware) events are based on the knowledge of experienced users and specialists who pass on their know-how and will exchange views with the attendees. Furthermore, the community is represented in the big event "DOAG Conference + Exhibition" in November with two main streams. In cooperation with the regional groups, they also help to organize the program of the regional meetings.