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05.07.2016 By: DOAG Online
Ask Tom: Chris Saxon shows what good questions are

In this talk during the APEX Connect 2016 in Berlin, Chris Saxon explains what it's like answering questions on Ask Tom. He shows examples of the weird and wonderful questions people ask. This includes many questions not published to the public. He a... more

14.06.2016 By: DOAG Online
DOAG@Talk with Heli Helskyaho: Lost skill of database design

In this interview, Heli Helskyaho, CEO at Miracle Finland Oy, talks with Christian Trieb, Head of Database Community at DOAG, about the lost skill of database design. "Some universities are not teaching database design any more", says Helskyaho and e... more, Datenbank, Database 12c
14.06.2016 By:
David Peake explains new features in Oracle Application Express 5.1

David Peake, Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle, shows in this presentation some new and exciting features of Application Express 5.1 (APEX). With selected examples Peake explains amongst other things the simplified Form Wizard, new Theming a... more

18.05.2016 By:
How to identify the cause of perfomance issues

Craig Shallahamer, President and Founder of OraPub, Oracle ACE Director and performance researcher, speaks in an interview with Christian Trieb, Head of the Database Community at DOAG, about „free buffer waits“ and how understanding and resolving thi... more

04.05.2016 By:
Oracle’s In-Memory Option: Who should use it?

Tirthankar Lahiri, Oracle Vice President for Data and In-Memory Technologies, speaks with Martin Klier, responsible for High Availability topics at DOAG, about the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, and who should use the In-Memory option. In the in... more, Datenbank