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25.04.2016 By: DOAG Online
Oracle gets new, simpler contracting

During the Collaborate 16, Jeb Dasteel, Chief Customer Officer Oracle Corporation, invited Stefan Kinnen as representative of DOAG to a Executive Roundtable. Reason is the announcement of the program “Oracle Accelerated Buying Experience” that comple... more

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13.04.2016 By:
PL/SQL – The right way

Bryn Llewellyn, Product Manager at Oracle and passionate supporter of PL/SQL, outlines in an interview with Christian Schwitalla, responsible for PL/SQL topics at DOAG, why one should use PL/SQL and which aspects should be considered using it in orde... more, Development
06.04.2016 By:
Women in IT: “Strong mentors are important”

Kellyn Pot’Vin Gorman is not only an OakTable Network member, former Oracle Ace Director and a member of the Enterprise Manager specialists group at Oracle, but also an important role model for women in IT. In an interview with Henriette Cebulla, Res... more

News, Business Solutions, Vereinsleben, Datenbank, SAP & Oracle, Infrastruktur, Middleware, Development, SOA & BPM, Java
10.03.2016 By: DOAG Online
JavaLand4Kids: More than just YouTube and Smartphones

Introducing children playfully to programming and guiding them on the use of computers and new technologies? The enthusiastic voices of the young participants and their mentors on the concept of JavaLand4Kids speak for themselves. Around twenty child... more

15.03.2016 By: DOAG Online
JavaLand 2016: Record Attendance Expected for the Java Community Conference

For the third edition of the Java Conference more than 1,200 participants are expected. At Phantasialand Bruehl near Cologne, they will learn from one another and share their experiences on the latest trends in the Java environment. JavaLand, one of ... more

24.02.2016 By:
The AWR Warehouse – Advantages and Usage

The AWR Warehouse feature of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables DBAs to store performance data in a centralized location for a long time. Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman, OakTable Network member and part of the Oracle’s Enterprise Manager Group, explain... more

27.01.2016 By:
MySQL 5.7: New features and future plans

Tomas Ulin, Vice President MySQL Development at Oracle, speaks about the key enhancements in MySQL 5.7 regarding performance, scalability and manageability. The interview, conducted by Oli Sennhauser, responsible for MySQL topics at DOAG, also deals