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22.09.2015 By: DOAG Online
Cats and Dogs

The former mathematics professor and IBM "Chief Technology Officer" Gunter Dueck has encountered both the manager and the techie side during his professional life. In his keynote, he addresses the "Welfare of People" and philosophizes about the human... more

DOAG Konferenz
15.07.2015 By:
“The world is truly becoming a global village”

The co-founder and CEO of KPIT Technologies, Ravi Pandit, calls the world of tomorrow “a global village”. In his opinion, IT-business has to adapt itself to the evolution in order to be able to face the globalization. In an interview with, he... more, Business Solutions
03.06.2015 By: DOAG Online
MAF, ADF, MCS? Jeff Davies gives answers

Mobile is an increasingly important issue in the application development of enterprise applications. In an interview with Stephan La Rocca, Jeff Davies, Senior Principal Product Manager for Oracle Mobile Technologies, talks about Oracle's products fo... more

Development, Mobile Computing
20.05.2015 By:
“Get rid of your customizations”

According to Rami Margalit, companies do not use more than 70 percent of the customizations developed for them. Nevertheless they are being hosted and getting maintained over the years. The CEO of M-Direct advises his clients to get rid of their cust... more, Development
21.04.2015 By: Mylène Diacquenod
Licensing in Virtualized Environments: Oracle under discussion with the DOAG

Once again, Oracle product licensing in virtualized environments needs to be clarified: For some time now, the DOAG has criticized how Oracle considers competing virtualization technologies as soft partitioning. Since summer 2014, the valuation of th... more

17.02.2015 By: DOAG Online
DOAG backs open letter written by the Campaign for Clear Licensing

The Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL), a British not-for-profit organization campaigning for the rights of business software buyers, wrote an open letter to Oracle CTO Larry Ellison and presented Oracle with seven changes that customers would like t... more