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Absage: Regionaltreffen München/Südbayern

05. März 2018 in München

Regio München / Südbayern

Liebe DOAG-Mitglieder,

liebe DOAG-Interessierte,

krankheitsbedingt muss die Regionalveranstaltung München/Südbayern am 05.03.2018 leider ausfallen. Als Ersatztermin haben wir mit dem Referenten Stefan Koehler den 11.06.2018 vereinbart.

Andreas Ströbel


The Oracle Database has a lot of dynamic & adaptive features which may influence the cost based optimizer or the SQL runtime engine. This session provides insights into how some of these features (e.g. cardinality feedback/statistics feedback, old and new dynamic sampling code, new SQL Plan Directive implementation with 12.2) really work or (when) not and how you can troubleshoot them. As usual it includes several geeky deep-dive demos.

Der Vortrag findet in deutscher Sprache statt.

Dazwischen machen wir wie gewohnt eine Viertelstunde Pause mit Butterbrez'n und Networking.

Zum Autor:

Stefan Koehler follows his passion about Oracle since +15 years and specialized in Oracle performance tuning, especially in Oracle cost based optimizer (CBO) and database internal related topics. Nowadays he primarily works as an independent Oracle database performance consultant and researcher in large mission critical environments (e.g. +10 TB databases) for market-leading companies or multi-billion dollar enterprises in various industries all over the world. He usually supports his clients in understanding and solving complex Oracle performance issues and troubleshooting nontrivial database issues on short-term contracting basis. He is also a proud member of the OakTable Network and is recognized/rewarded as an Oracle ACE by Oracle’s ACE program.

Stefan Koehler Independent Oracle Performance Consultant und Researcher (Soocs)



Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften, Raum R0.002, Lothstraße 64, 80335 München





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