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DOAG Berliner Expertenseminar zum Thema Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices mit Richard Foote

08. Mai 2019 - 09. Mai 2019 in Berlin


Am 8. und 9. Mai freuen wir uns auf ein Expertenseminar zum Thema Oracle Indexing mit Richard Foote, dem Mr. Indexing, Oracle ACE Director und Oak Table Member. Er nimmt den weiten Weg von Canbarra in Kauf und beehrt uns 2 Tage lang in der Berliner Geschäftsstelle der DOAG.

Das Seminar wird in Englischer Sprache gehalten.

Description of the Seminar:

This is a must attend seminar of benefit to not only DBAs, but also to Developers, Solution Architects and anyone else interested in designing, developing or maintaining high performance Oracle-based applications. It’s a fun, but intense, content rich seminar that is suitable for people of all experiences (from beginners to seasoned Oracle experts). The seminar is developed and personally delivered by Richard “Mr Index” Foote, a well-respected expert in Oracle Database technologies. All seminars are small class environments, with plenty of opportunity for attendees to ask questions specific to their particular environment.

Indexes are fundamental to every Oracle database and are crucial for optimal performance. However, there’s an incredible amount of misconception, misunderstanding and pure myth regarding how Oracle indexes function and should be maintained. Many applications and databases are suboptimal and run inefficiently primarily because an inappropriate indexing strategy has been implemented.

This seminar examines most available Oracle index structures/options and discusses in considerable detail how indexes function, how/when they should be used and how they should be maintained. A key component of the seminar is how indexes are costed and evaluated by the Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) and how appropriate data management practices are vital for an effective indexing strategy.  It also covers many useful tips and strategies to maximise the benefits of indexes on application/database performance and scalability, as well as in maximising Oracle database investments. Much of the material is exclusive to this seminar and is not generally available in Oracle documentation or in Oracle University courses.

About Richard Foote:

Based in Canberra, Australia, Richard has been working in the IT industry for over 30 years, 20 plus years with Oracle database technologies. Richard has supported and diagnosed the performance of numerous highly secure, mission-critical, large-scale applications. He has worked for Oracle Corporation on two occasions, 1996-2002 as a Database Instructor where he won many internal awards and accolades and between 2011-2017 as a Technical Presales Consultant where he was awarded the Best Sales Consultant of the Year in 2017. In 2002, he became a member of the world-renowned Oracle OakTable Network and an Oracle ACE Director in 2008 and again in 2018. Richard is a very popular, award winning speaker and regularly presents at international conferences and Oracle User Group events including Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG Collaborate, Hotsos Symposium, AUSOUG InSync, ODTUG Kscope, UKOUG Conference, E4 Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo and Trivadis Performance Days. Accolades include special recognition for the highly innovative "Good DBA, Bad DBA" co-presentation at Oracle OpenWorld in Brisbane in 1999, Best Oracle Speaker at UKOUG in 2015, Best 3 presentations at the Hotsos Symposium in 2017, Lifetime Achievement Speaker Award at UKOUG in 2018 and AUSOUG Oracle Master award in 2018. He is especially renowned for his research and knowledge of Oracle indexing strategies, hosts an internationally renowned blog on Oracle Index Internals (richardfoote.wordpress.com) and has developed an acclaimed in-depth seminar on Oracle Indexing Internals which he has presented in some 20 countries. In 2017 Richard started his own independent consulting and training company (www.richardfooteconsulting.com) where he continues to deliver his Oracle Index Internals and Performance Tuning seminars globally and assists organisations with addressing Database performance issues.

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  • Introduction to Oracle Indexes
  • B-Tree Index Internals
  • Indexes and Statistics
  • Indexes and Constraints
  • Rebuilding Indexes (and Coalesce and Shrink)
Richard Foote

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  • Indexes and the Cost Based Optimizer
  • Indexing Tips, Tricks and Traps

    If it is possible in time the following topics will be added
  • Other Index Structures (Reverse Key, Function-Based Indexes , Indexed Organized Tables, Secondary Indexes on IOT, JSON Indexes, Case-Insensitive Indexes)
  • Partitioned Indexes
  • Bitmap and Bitmap-Join Indexes
Richard Foote



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