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Berliner Expertenseminar zum Thema "Oracle Performance Diagnostics and Tuning" mit Richard Foote - Abgesagt

31. März 2020 - 01. April 2020 in Berlin


Dieses Expertenseminar wird in Englisch gehalten.

“Oracle Performance Diagnostics and Tuning Seminar”

This seminar will detail how to maximise the performance of both Oracle databases and associated applications and how to diagnose and address any performance issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

When an application suddenly runs “slow” or when people start complaining about the “poor performance” of the database, there’s often some uncertainty in how to most quickly and most accurately determine the “root” cause of any such slowdown and effectively address any associated issues. In this seminar, we explore a Tuning Methodology that helps Oracle professionals to both quickly and reliably determine the actual causes of performance issues and so ensure the effectiveness of any applied resolutions.

Looking at a number of real-world scenarios and numerous actual examples and test cases, this seminar will show participants how to confidently and reliably diagnose performance issues. The seminar explores in much detail the various diagnostics tools and reports available in Oracle to assist in determining any database performance issue and importantly WHEN and HOW to effectively use each approach. Additionally, participants are also invited to share their own database AWR reports where we can apply the principles learnt in diagnosing the performance of their actual databases/applications.

One of the more common reasons for poor Oracle performance is inefficient or poorly running SQL. This seminar explores in much detail how SQL is executed within the Oracle database, the various issues and related concepts important in understanding why SQL might be inefficient and the many capabilities and features Oracle has in helping to both resolve SQL performance issues and to maintain the stability and reliability of SQL execution.

It’s a fun, but intense, content rich seminar that is suitable for people of all experiences (from beginners to seasoned Oracle experts).

Section One: Basic Tuning Concepts

  • Common (but flawed) Tuning Methodology
  • THE Correct Tuning Methodology
  • Importance of Response Times
  • Importance of Database Time and Concurrent Active Sessions
  • Introduction to Oracle Wait Interface
  • The Correct Mentality for Performance Tuning
  • Importance of Instrumentation

Section Two: Database Tuning

In Section Two, we explore how to best diagnose any performance issues as quickly as possible to accurately determine any root issue(s) and so apply the most appropriate resolutions. We explore a number of real-world examples as well as providing the opportunity to go through any reports participants may wish to share.

As part of determining how to best resolve a number of real world examples, we get the opportunity to explore the internals of the database and the importance of understanding a number of crucial Oracle database concepts (e.g. latch contention, redo log mechanism, RAC cache fusion).

Because of the abundance of Oracle database instrumentation and the wealth of data available in (say) AWR Reports, many Oracle professionals feel swamped and are uncertain how to correctly read these types of reports when trying to diagnose a performance issue. In this section, we look at both WHEN and HOW to read the various reports to very quickly and reliably determine any performance issues and so know with certainty how to apply the most appropriate solution.

We explore the following Oracle supplied database diagnostics methods and when each of them are most appropriate to determine and resolve performance issues using a methodical tuning methodology:

  • Statspack Reports
  • Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) Reports
  • Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) Reports
  • Active Session History (ASH) Reports
  • (Advanced) SQL Trace Files

Section Three: SQL Tuning

One of the most common reasons for poor performance is related to poorly running, inefficient SQL statements. In this section we explore in detail a number of important concepts and Oracle capabilities (up to and including Oracle Database 19c) in relation to maximising the performance and stability of SQL statements. Attendees will learn not only how to effectively tune SQL statements, but how to do so in a consistent manner to maximise both SQL performance and stability, by understanding how to determine the root cause of performance issues and hence implement the most appropriate solution to resolve any issues.

Topics covered include:

  • CBO Internals And How The CBO Costs SQL Statements
  • Why Is The More “Expensive” Costed SQL Often The Faster
  • Differences between ALL_ROWS and FIRST_ROWS(n) optimization
  • Setting Optimizer Based Parameters
  • CPU Cost Model and System Statistics
  • Schema Statistics Gathering Tips
  • Histogram Internals
  • Extended Statistics and Virtual Columns
  • Dynamic Sampling
  • Displaying and Reading Execution Plans
  • Managing Outlier Data
  • Join Processing, Join Types and Join Methods
  • Adaptive Query Optimization
  • Adaptive Plans
  • Cardinality Feedback
  • Adaptive Statistics
  • SQL Plan Directives
  • SQL Blocks
  • SQL Transformations
  • 10053 Trace Report
  • SQL Monitor Reports
  • SQL Hints (and when/how to use appropriately)
  • SQL Patching
  • SQL Plan Stability
  • SQL Profiles
  • SQL Stored Outlines
  • Migrating Stored Outlines to SQL Plan Management (Baselines)
  • SQL Plan Management (Baselines)

Vita Richard Foote:

Based in Canberra, Australia, Richard has been working in the local IT industry for over thirty years, twenty plus years with Oracle database technologies. Richard has supported and diagnosed the performance of numerous highly secure, mission-critical, large-scale Oracle database systems. In 2002, he became a member of the world-renowned Oracle OakTable Network and in 2008 an Oracle ACE Director (and again in 2018). Richard is a very popular speaker and regularly presents at universities, Oracle user group events and conferences including Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG Collaborate, Hotsos Symposium, AUSOUG InSync, ODTUG Kscope and UKOUG Tech Conference. In 2018, Richard was awarded a Lifetime Speaker award by the UKOUG and awarded one of the first four Oracle Masters by AUSOUG. He is especially renowned for his research and knowledge of Oracle indexing structures, hosts an internationally acclaimed blog on Oracle Index Internals and has developed in-depth seminars on Oracle Index Internals which he has presented in over a dozen countries. In 2017, Richard started his own consulting company Richard Foote Consulting in which he globally presents his highly acclaimed Oracle Indexing and performance Tuning seminars and assists customers with diagnosing and resolving Oracle database performance issues.

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