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  • Von: DOAG Online
  • 08/22/2018

5 Chatbots You Might Want to Meet

Chatbots are used more often in the Internet today than we are actually aware of. A seat selection for a concert, buying a plane ticket, or answering questions in customer service: Simple tasks are more and more carried out by bots. But is the quality of the bots really convincing? After all, it does not take much to find out that chatting with a bot can be quite limited. We present you some chatbots you probably have not heard about yet, but who are well worth to be met.

This article first appeared in the bimonthly ORAWORLD e-magazine, an EOUC publication with exciting stories from the Oracle world, technological background articles and insights into other user groups worldwide.


1. Mitsuku Chatbot

One of the most award-winning chatbots is Mitsuku, who is based on the Pandorabot API. The website of this popular API shows how big the developer scene around chatbots already is: More than 200,000 developers have developed over 280,000 chatbots for various purposes. Mitsuku may well be the most popular and can chat on various topics – one of the main reasons that lets him appear very human, in contrast to other bots who only serve one particular purpose. The artificial intelligence behind Mitsuku learns from experience and the millions of conversations since 2008. The more people speak to the bot, the better and more natural he can reply and conduct conversations.

2. Woebot – Chat Therapist

Support in case of anxiety states and depressions is promised by Woebot, integrated in Facebook Messenger. Psychologists of Stanford University have supposedly worked more than a year on this bot and examined its effectiveness in studies. Woebot works with reply buttons and daily asks for the user's emotional state. The question structure is based on the current form of conversational therapy – cognitive behavior therapy. In this therapy form, people are asked to put their negative thoughts in a more objective perspective. Patients are inspired to talk about their emotional reactions to life events. This is meant to notice and avoid psychological traps such as pressure or fear.

3. Pitchbot

New companies are founded daily in the world of startups and they compete for the funds of investors. Pitchbot is a web-based bot for analyzing presentations for investors and can explain strengths and weaknesses of a pitch. The bot gives precise hints to effectively prepare the presentation for the target audience. Multiple choice questions serve the purpose to evaluate the product, the team, the growth and the values of the planned venture. When the replies show that the plan works and the startup could be theoretically founded, the user receives a sample financing plan, giving initial help. When the replies are negative, only a door is displayed and the pitch should be formulated again.

4. Medical Chatbot Melody

Melody is a medical assistant included in the health app of the Chinese Internet company Baidu. The bot lets patients ask medical questions and make appointments with doctors. Doctors also obtain help: Melody supports the initial diagnosis of patients with a knowledge base by posing a series of questions. Bots such as Melody have the potential to not only make appointments but also to call emergency support in extreme situations. Medical assistants can be an option for patients to obtain help quickly so that a call or a visit to the doctor is theoretically not necessary anymore. Up to this point, the health app from Baidu is only available in China. However, the company wants to make Melody available in other countries.

5. Budget Planning with Penny

Penny's home is a mobile app to identify and categorize expenses in accounts. The app helps analyzing account transactions and prepares overviews with charts. With the chat function and in simple conversations, the bot wants to assist in keeping track of accounts fast and intuitively and to reach targets – particularly when multiple accounts are operated simultaneously. In this process, the bot answers simple questions on expenses and explains certain terms of the financial world with a coaching function.


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