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  • Von: DOAG Online
  • 11/25/2015

DOAG 2015 Conference + Exhibition: Lecture Documents Available for Download

Für diejenigen, die sich die Vortragsinhalte nochmals in Erinnerung rufen wollen, werden die Präsentationsfolien und -manuskripte als Download bereitgestellt und sind damit für jeden verfügbar.

This year’s DOAG Conference + Exhibition is over, and once again the program was stunning: roughly 450 lectures in 20 parallel tracks. For those who want to recall the contents of the lectures at home, we made the presentations and manuscripts available for download – everyone can access them.

To download the files, simply select a particular lecture in the conference planner and click on “Presentation” or “Manuscript” in the header menu. It is also possible to download all documents of one specific stream at once – which, moreover, includes further information such as demos. Attention: Since the collected documents require more memory, downloads may take longer than usual.

All collected lecture documents by stream: