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  • Von: DOAG Online
  • 06/29/2018

What Happened to the Co-Founders of Oracle?

In 1977, the three software engineers Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates founded the consulting company Software Development Laboratories (SDL), which later became Oracle Corporation. We all know the story of Larry Ellison, but what about the Co- Founders?

This article first appeared in the bimonthly ORAWORLD e-magazine, an EOUC publication with exciting stories from the Oracle world, technological background articles and insights into other user groups worldwide.


Bob Miner – The Heart of the Company

Bob Miner and Larry Ellison met at the tech company Ampex, where Bob was Larry’s supervisor. However, they both soon left Ampex to found SDL. In the early days of Oracle, Bob was the lead engineer and it can be assumed that he created most of Oracle Version 3 by himself.

While many consider Larry as the brain of Oracle, it has been generally agreed that Bob was the „heart“ of the company with a completely different managing style, always loyal to his employees and against extremely late hours.

In 1992, after 15 years of leading product design and development for Oracle’s relational database management system, Bob started a small advanced technology unit within Oracle. In 1993, however, he left the Oracle board. Only one year later, he died of cancer at age 52, leaving behind three children and his wife Mary.

Ed Oates – From Project Manager to Guitarist

Born in 1946, Ed Oates is the youngest of the three Oracle founders. About himself, he often said that he brought project management and the knowledge of how computers worked at their core level to the company.

When he retired from Oracle in 1996, Ed bought the high-end home theater store Audible Difference, which he again sold in 1999.

Ever since his college days, he has been the guitarist of the band CHOC’D. Today, Ed is a member of the board of advisors of big data analytics company Auguri Corp. and is on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Zoological Society.