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Topic Description

The topic "Mobile" includes Oracle technologies that revolve around developing and operating mobile applications. Primarily, these are the frameworks MAF (Mobile Application Framework) and APEX (focus on Mobile Themes).

Additionally, native application development for iOS, Android or Windows Mobile with JavaScript based concepts like JET is also covered. Normally, the Cordova Plugin by Apache is used for access to basic functionalities like GPS, camera, contacts, messages etc. The offline data support, mainly when using MAF, is carried out by a SQLite Database that is created, filled and synchronised by applications. 

The main focus of developing and operating applications are Mobile Cloud Services and deployments within inherent App Stores. Cloud services enable extensive analysis and administration possibilites and moreover, additional services like the Application Builder Cloud Service can be integrated. 


Mobile Concepts, Offline-Solutions, Administration, Monitoring


Cloud Services, Java-Script Frameworks, Native App Development, SQLite Database, Cordova


Mobile Application Framework 2.3, Mobile Cloud Services, Application Builder Cloud Service, APEX mobile, Themes, JET 

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