Migrating to 12c: 250 DBs in 250 days. What we learned.

For a customer in Switzerland, we are in the process of migrating 400 databases to 12c.
We have migrated 250 so far, and we have had good and bad surprises.
This session will show a few scenarios that we faced during the upgrade project.

Mittwoch, 11.05.2016
16:00 - 16:45
Migration & Upgrade
Ludovico is an Oracle ACE Director and database specialist with 18+ years of experience on Oracle and other database products. He has administered literally thousands of databases in big datacenters so he has developed a natural leaning to automatization, monitoring and high availability. He is certified on Oracle 12c (OCP,OCE) and MySQL 5 (OCP). He is an active blogger, frequent speaker and a confirmed Community contributor: board member of the Swiss Oracle User Group, president of the RAC Special Interest Group and co-founder of the Italian Oracle User Group. After spending 6 years in Trivadis, Ludovico has just joined the CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, as computing engineer.

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