Extending Oracle ADF BC Models to REST, Cloud and Mobile

Today, Mobile and Cloud sit at the tip of interest in software development where they promise new business opportunities and unparalleled user engagement possibilities. Mobile and Cloud, however, don’t need to compete with your investments in Oracle ADF but can be used to extend existing ADF applications to the mobile input channel and the Cloud deployment model. A best practice recommendation for designing Oracle ADF applications that has been promoted by Oracle is to get things right at the business service layer before building the web application. If you followed this recommendation, then the larger part of your investment in Oracle ADF resides in the business service, which you developed with Oracle ADF Business Components (ADF BC). So you are ready set up for reuse: But how do you bring this to mobile and cloud? Exposing ADF Business Components business services on the REST interface is a new feature in Oracle JDeveloper 12.2.1 that provides an easy path for you to share your ADF business service logic with Mobile and Cloud. This session provides an overview of the Oracle ADF BC REST service feature and demonstrates the integration with Mobile and Cloud by the example of Oracle Mobile Application Framework (Oracle MAF) and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (Oracle MCS).

Mittwoch, 16.11.2016
11:00 - 11:45

Frank Nimphius

ORACLE Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG
Oracle ACE
Frank Nimphius is a Master Principal Product Manager for Oracle Digital Assistant at Oracle Corporation. Frank joined Oracle Product Management more than 20 years ago and since then worked on various Oracle products including Oracle Forms, Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) and the Mobile Application Framework (MAF). In his current role, Frank works within the development organization that is responsible for building Oracle Digital Assistant bots. In his 20+ years at Oracle Frank enjoyed the many opportunities the job offered and became an author, a in-class and online-video trainer, a presenter at various international conferences, a collateral and training writer, a Java developer, a product marketer and blogger. Not to forget the so-called “good old times” that Frank spent in sales in his early years at Oracle.

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