Hacking Oracle's Memory - About Internals & Troubleshooting

Oracle externalizes parts of its memory structures via X$ tables and provides various memory dump possibilities. This session provides insights into Oracle's SGA / PGA memory structure internals and points out important changes with 12c. It includes several deep-dive demos and a real life case about troubleshooting a PGA memory leak (analyzing, capturing and sourcing PGA memory allocations). The session is mainly provided in the style of a hacking session.

Tuesday, 2016-11-15
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Stefan Koehler

Freelance Consultant (Soocs)
Oracle ACEOracle OAK-Table
Stefan Koehler follows his passion about Oracle since +15 years and specialized in Oracle performance tuning, especially in Oracle cost based optimizer (CBO) and database internal related topics. Nowadays he primarily works as an independent Oracle database performance consultant and researcher in large mission critical environments (e.g. +10 TB databases) for market-leading companies or multi-billion dollar enterprises in various industries all over the world. He usually supports his clients in understanding and solving complex Oracle performance issues and troubleshooting nontrivial database issues on short-term contracting basis. He is also a proud member of the OakTable Network and is recognized/rewarded as an Oracle ACE by Oracle’s ACE program.

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