Meet your Match: Advanced Row Pattern Matching

The new Row Pattern Matching functionality in Oracle Database 12c enables SQL developers to quickly solve new problems - and old problems in much more efficient and scalable ways.

This session will summarize the MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause, then present general-purpose SQL techniques for bin fitting problems, hierarchical summaries, temporal validity queries and joining or summarizing data by ranges. By decreasing CPU use, these techniques run 50 to 500 times faster than existing solutions and complement the advantages of Exadata or the In-Memory option.

The pattern matching features of the most recent version will be presented.

This session is geared primarily to SQL practitioners who are willing to unleash the full power of SQL in the Oracle database. They will learn how to apply row pattern matching concepts to different categories of problems, and will observe these concepts applied to typical situations using repeatable techniques.

Some prior acquaintance with the MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause is desirable.

Tuesday, 2016-11-15
08:30 am - 09:15 am

Stew Ashton

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Wednesday, 16.11.2016
09:00 am - 09:45 am

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