RIP Oracle Database

Relational databases based on the set theory model. Moreover, this model is for almost everybody easy to understand and applicable. Relational databases, especially Oracle, previously regarded as the standard when it came to storing information. Meanwhile, the Oracle database has reached more than 30 years, a ripe old age. In the IT these periods are very long compared to the usual cycles of innovation. Therefore, one can already ask the question whether the Oracle database is so slow ready for retirement. In particular, the present-day requirements in terms of performance, scalability, variety and quantity of data to be stored place high demands on the database in general. Also from the circle of developers is growing pressure regarding CI / CD support for database development. Are principles such as ACID, read consistency, transaction security, etc. still up to date and necessary? In the field of NoSQL database there are many alternatives available with high potential. In this presentation, the various aspects are critically examined and an attempt is made to provide an outlook for the future.

Thursday, 2016-11-17
10:00 am - 10:45 am

Markus Lohn

esentri AG
Oracle ACE
Markus Lohn ist zertifizierter Software-Architekt und Spezialist für Oracle Fusion Middleware. Er blickt auf eine umfangreiche und branchenübergreifende Projekterfahrung in den Bereichen Java EE, SOA/Integration und Enterprise 2.0 zurück. Als Experte in der Konzeption und Umsetzung von komplexen Anforderungen auf Basis von Oracle Technologien modernisierte Markus Lohn zahlreiche Softwaresysteme und baute Enterprise Architekturen nach den TOGAF-Qualitätsstandards strategisch auf. Sein besonderes Interesse liegt stets darauf, die Softwareentwicklung prozessorientierter zu gestalten und seine Expertise als Speaker auch auf DOAG Konferenzen und in Fachartikeln weiterzugeben.

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