Hacking for Managers

The classic show that has been updated and extended over the last 10 years: the live hacking show that has fascinated thousands of people all over the world.

Tobias Schrödel gives you and understanding of the world of hackers and takes a look at the poison cabinet of the IT with you. In an entertaining manner, he reveals security gaps in computers and mobile phones that affect all of us.

This infotainment presentation is suitable for everybody and technical know-how is not required. As a result, everyone can discover fascinating everyday examples. Passwords are cracked in a matter of seconds, discrediting pieces of information are brought up to the light of day, and a smartphone is hacked without hesitation.

All examples are real and live, but, needless to say, anonymized. Every spectator will recognize himself - nobody is put in a bad light. For information on risks and side effects, ask your data security consultant or Tobias Schrödel.

Wednesday, 2016-11-16
6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
Strategy & Business Practices

Tobias Schrödel

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