The Big Picture of the digital Revolution - of Chances and Risks of a long overdue Debate

Within the 45 seconds you will need to read this text, approximately 180,000,000 e-mails will have been sent, 125,000 hours of Youtube videos will have been watched, and 2,800,000 entries on Facebook will have been liked. We are living in an age in which unthinkable amounts of data are generated, gathered, and transmitted; all around us, driven by a world in which everything and everybody is connected.

This data is a manifestation of the mightiest motor of economic and technological progress the world has ever seen: the digital revolution. We experience a fundamental and radical transformation of our society, driven by the Internet. If we use the potentials of this transformation correctly, they will open up a future of prosperity, justice, and participation. It is our responsibility to ensure this future and to prevent the other side of the coin, a world of total control and surveillance.

It may be hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes, particularly when you work in this field. The presentation will zoom out and focus on the big picture of the digital revolution.

Thursday, 2016-11-17
11:00 am - 11:45 am
Strategy & Business Practices

Daniel Domscheit-Berg

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