What's New In Oracle's Universal Installer?

Whether you perform a silent, interactive or software-only installation, the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) has directly or indirectly been the tool of choice when it comes to installing Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure software. This is why you should not miss this session that covers the latest generation of the OUI, which introduces eye-opening enhancements helping you to be more efficient in deploying and managing your Oracle software estate.

For Oracle Grid Infrastructure (GI) deployments for example, OUI has switched to a gold image-based deployment model, which allows users to add their own PSU or additional patches to a GI gold image and deploy a perfectly patched GI home in one go. Users can even convert a home to be a gold image. Along with those enhancements, a new command line interface, enabling an easier recovery from failed installations, has been introduced. The same tool provides the ability to move GI homes. Similar improvements extend through the full range of installation related Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). The Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) for example got "revamped" and now allows for a "duplicate DB creation" in addition to supporting customization on PDB-level right at creation time. Yet the “hottest” feature is the "clone template creation", which allows the DBCA to take a hot backup of the DB without archive log mode enabled.

Dienstag, 30.05.2017
16:15 - 17:00
Düsseldorf 2+3
Oracle Database 12.2

Markus Michalewicz

Oracle Corporation
Markus Michalewicz has been with Oracle for more than 18 years in various positions. He is currently a Senior Director with Oracle America and manages the Oracle Database High Availability (HA) and Scalability product management (PM) team, which is part of Oracle Database development. His team is responsible for the product management of some of Oracle's Database options (e.g. the Oracle Real Application Clusters options and Oracle Active Data Guard), including related technologies (e.g. the "Oracle RAC Family of Solutions"). Together with Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Sharding these technologies form the foundation for Oracle's industry-leading Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) as well as Oracle's Autonomous Database. Working with Oracle’s Sales, Sales Consulting, Consulting and Support organizations as well as customers and partners around the world, Markus and his team help to ensure that Oracle's customers can rely on the Oracle Database as one of the most available and most scalable database management solutions for on-premises and cloud deployments available on the market today.

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