Getting Creative with SQL Profiles and SPM

DBAs want control over SQL execution plans both proactively and reactively. In other words, DBAs want to be able to fix plans from the outset, repair a regression quickly or use a mixture of the two approaches. Tough-to-deliver service level requirements for critical systems can necessitate a strategic approach to constrain all execution plans, but often a more targeted and tactical technique is appropriate. The Oracle Database has a number of features to control and constrain SQL execution plans, but how are they used and what are the differences between them? What is the best choice for a given requirement? This session answers these questions and presents some creative ways in which to use the features at your disposal in the Oracle Database. The session covers Oracle Database 11g and on to Oracle Database Cloud Services (Oracle Database 12c Release 2).

Mittwoch, 31.05.2017
12:15 - 13:00
Düsseldorf 2+3
Datenbank Betrieb

Nigel Bayliss

Oracle Corporation UK
Nigel has worked with Oracle technology since 1988. He joined Oracle in 1996 and has been involved in a wide variety of roles including development, benchmarking, consulting and pre-sales. He is the product manager for the Oracle Optimizer.

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