Uncover the Truth

Got an old APEX Application to migrate or extend? Struggling by not knowing how complex the application is and which pages are full of customized code? No one is left who developed the application and you even don’t know how the pages are related?
Join this presentation to get fast answers for your most important questions. A small Application will be presented which can be imported in every Workspace. With this application the amount of CSS, JavaScript and PL/SQL Code of every other Application in your Workspace can be visualized. You’ll get a detailed view of every page and its complexity by using Charts and Reports.
Additionally you get an overview of all the relations between the pages, by using a graph structure.
With this information it’s much easier to understand every application, identify pages which aren’t used any more or an effort analysis can be made to extend the application.
And of course this application can easily be used by everyone.

Dienstag, 09.05.2017
14:00 - 14:45
Music Hall 2

Oliver Lemm

Oracle ACE
APEX Developer & Architect since 2007. Working as a Business Unit Leader APEX for MT AG.

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