Mass migration of Oracle* Forms applications to APEX using QAFE

This presentation is a customer case. Exterion Media, specifically the Amsterdam based daugther of the Worldwide out-of-home advertising space company moves their Oracle*Forms based applications to APEX based applications. The massive set of 600+ forms need to be evaluated and migrated with as little as effort as possible.
Qualogy used parts of the QAFE toolset to automatically perform the disection of the Oracle*Forms code in "navigation" and "buisiness" code.

At this moment the project has finished a promising Proof of Concept predicting that the 600+ forms will be converted to APEX well within 4 hours per form on average.

The presentation will show:
* the daunting task of the migration
* the issues regarding the selection of conversion tools
* the resulting lowered maintenance cost on the complete application

Dienstag, 09.05.2017
16:15 - 17:00
Music Hall 2
de Waard

Wouter de Waard

Using Oracle DB since version ; I am a vivid advocate of the "hard shell DB" also known as "the thick DB paradigm". For me APEX is doing the job now what Oracle*Forms used to do. I can use both tools to make the Database deliver that extra value to the end-user, be it a company or individual, to perform better.

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