Chatbot - artificial intelligence on your service desk

Chatbots, also called conversation agents are trendy topics. Oracle is making big bets on chatbots, and so are companies like Facebook (M), Apple (Siri), Google, and Microsoft. Chatbots built on top of the artificial intelligence will revolutionize many areas of business. Yet, before the release of Oracle Chatbot in Q3 2017, we can already walk you through our experience of Chatbot with a live Demo.
In this talk we will:
• explore the advancements in NLP, which have completely revolutionized the way how the chatbot works
• explain the architecture of the Chatbot application
• demonstrate our example of Chatbot implementation
• list different frameworks and technologies we have explored

Dienstag, 14.03.2017
17:00 - 17:40
Big Data

Cynthia Li

Riverland Reply GmbH

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