Big Data and the Multi-model Database

All the buzz on Big Data makes the business people realize that data, in all forms and sizes, is critical for making the best possible decisions to win the competition over customers. One of the problems is the different data models for different types of data but even more problematic is finding a single query language to query all the different data using one single language. One of the solutions is multi-model database: a database that stores several data models in one single database allowing the user to query the data using one single query language and joining all data of different data models together. What is this multi-model database and how close is Oracle Database 12.2 to be one?

Dienstag, 21.11.2017
17:00 - 17:45

Heli Helskyaho

Miracle Finland Oy
Oracle ACE-Director
Heli Helskyaho is the CEO for Miracle Finland Oy and an Ambassador for EOUC (EMEA Oracle Users Group Community). Heli holds a Master’s degree (Computer Science) in University of Helsinki and she is specialized on databases. At the moment she is working on her doctoral studies on schema discovery, big data and semi-structured data. Heli has been working on IT since 1990 and with Oracle products since 1993. She has been in several positions but every role has always included database design. Heli is also an Oracle ACE Director and a frequent speaker in many conferences. She is the author of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler for Database Design Mastery (Oracle Press 2015), co-author of Real World SQL and PL/SQL: Advice from the Experts (Oracle Press 2016) and one of the winners of Oracle Database Developer Choice Award, Devvy, on Database Design category in 2015. Heli believes that good database design and good documentation reduces performance problems and makes solving them easier.

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