Oracle Forms Application Deployment Fast and Easy

Often, the deployment of Forms applications can be difficult, time consuming, and/or error prone. With the Forms Application Deployment Service (FADS), deploying and managing your application will become much easier. With FADS you will be able to package and deploy your applications much like a J2EE application. Once delivered to the server via FADS, your application will be extracted, files staged in their appropriate locations, unique configurations inserted, and Forms modules generated. All this with the click of a button. When FADS is done, your application will be ready for use.

The need to re-introduce of Java Script integration for forms deployed using Java Web Start (JWS) or Forms Standalone Launcher (FSAL) has been a topic of active discussion. Because Java Script is akin to HTML, a browser is needed to execute it. Since JWS and FSAL do not use a browser, earlier versions of Forms 12c were not able to support communicating with a browser and its content. But that was the past. With Forms WebSocketJSI, applications running with JWS or FSAL can send or receive Java Script messages with a properly coded web page. This valuable feature will allow developers to do what many thought was not possible.

Dienstag, 21.11.2017
11:00 - 11:45
Development: DB Development

Michael Ferrante

Oracle Corporation
Michael Ferrante is a Product Manager on Oracle's Application Development Tools team, working with Oracle Forms and Visual Builder Cloud Service. Joining Oracle in 1999, Michael has spent two decades in various roles associated with Oracle Forms and related Fusion Middleware technologies. From Support Engineer to Global Technical Lead (GTL) to Product Manager and numerous roles in between, Michael has remained closely connected to Oracle's Middleware products, but none closer than Oracle Forms. Working side-by-side with Oracle's customers and Oracle's Development and many Support teams, Michael helps to bring the latest innovations to future versions of Oracle Forms and other Application Development technologies.

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