Exadata: What's New and What's Coming

Oracle Exadata has transformed Oracle Database applications for in-memory analytics, online transaction processing, data warehousing, and consolidated workloads. With public cloud options, the latest state-of-the-art flash technology, petabytes of capacity, elastic configurations, and many new software enhancements, Oracle Exadata will continue to be the most standardized and highest-value database platform for Oracle Database. In this session learn about the latest in Oracle Exadata hardware such as Exadata SL6, Exadata X6-2 and NVMe PCIe Flash and new software innovations such as In-Memory Columnar Formats in Storage, Extended Distance Clusters and Snapshots.

Dienstag, 21.11.2017
15:00 - 15:45
Neu Delhi

Gurmeet Goindi

Oracle Corporation
Gurmeet Goindi is Master Product Manager in Oracle Database’s Systems Technology org. Gurmeet is currently responsible for Exadata Database Machine, hardware and software roadmap and also Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance’s hardware roadmap. Gurmeet is also an evangelist for innovations Oracle is bringing in application aware storage and flash arena and has presented Oracle’s vision at various industry forums – Storage Network World (SNW), Flash Memory Summit, Open Sever Summit, Data Storage Innovation Conference, Storage Developer Conference, Oracle Expert Summits, IOUG Collaborate, Oracle Open World and many other regional Oracle User Groups. Gurmeet has a Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and an MBA from University of Chicago - Booth School of Business.

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