Forms and APEX scenarios


· How we learn
· The 4 scenarios
· Case with quantification
· Page templates for APEX
· Benefits summed-up

We learn from projects, both the successful and some less fortunate? examples:

· First App based upon APEX/jQuery, separate new design, a salesman tool for fashion orders
· Migration of complex Forms for furniture ordering, abandoned after 500 hour
· APEX frame for Forms with common menu and bidirectional integration
· APEX / jQuery Page template, common UI and reuse of existing Forms source

Derived from such projects we can see 4 different scenarios for Forms + APEX? all evaluated with focus on cost, time, risk and value from a company/user perspective. All 4 scenarios represent realistic options ? and all may make sense ? and may even be activated in sequence without extra cost and risk.

The 4 scenarios

1. Do nothing regarding Forms
Meaning: leave Forms as is and spend your budget on valuable new functionality like self-service for employees. Even add a APEX-versions of existing Forms.
Clear value to the organization, learning curve started.
Risk: support for the JRE disappears - and Forms-users may fell they are neglected.

2. Modernize Forms
Upgrade Forms to latest version? Get off the JRE-risk? And add UI-upgrade components, available from several sources. No real risk and all users should be quite happy.
And APEX : just like the first scenario.

3. Co-Existence of Forms and APEX
Again a safe scenario, the existing Forms source continue ? no re-implementation risk or disruptions.
The added benefits are derived from integration, applying and APEX-frame as portal, with one common menu for both Forms and APEX programs ? especially that this means bi-directional integration.
Further this scenario opens up for Web-Mashups, the gateway to better IT-support ? a 360-view of data and info.
Softbase has chosen this scenario for our own 1000+ Forms Logistic application. To us quit simple logic: no risk now and the same benefits that migration might provide. Later with APEX version 6, 7 etc. W may take a different view ? only means that further Form will get an APEX.

4. Migration
Not our cup of tea, simply because we have large customers that can not tolerate disruptions ? any of the risks associated with a re-implementation.
Further we respect the exponential curve: easy to migrate the first 90 % of Forms ? then it gradually becomes more and more difficult. We spent 500 hours learning that - but in a few years time tools may have improved and Forms less dynamic.

Case with Quantification
We can quantify the Modernization and the Co-Existence scenarios, simply because we now have tried this several times. The work shall be divided into 2 main phases - for both a spreadsheet simulation is available.
Modernization spreadsheet
Co-existence spreadsheet

APEX page templates
Demo of a general framework that allow mobile access to "Forms"-data, not just Form by Form.
Prototype is ready now and will be fully operational by Q4 2017.

Benefits summed-up
Compared to our starting situation a few years back ? all related to our present platform (version 12 for both Forms and APEX). Benefits for users can be summed up into 7 major improvements:
1. Adjustment to new client hardware
2. Higher speed for transaction processing
3. Common UI components for app. tools
4. One portal and one menu for all app.
5. Same SSO / O for all app. programs
6. APEX templates with reuse of Forms
7. Ready for Web-Mashup, new productivity"

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