RESTful Web Services Primer for DBAs

REST or Representational State Transfer is a design style that has become the most important technology for applications and services deploying on the web today. Consequently, Oracle has also embraced RESTful services and has exposed a rich set of tools and APIs for managing and configuring the Oracle Public Cloud. Operations such as creating and deploying Database Cloud Instances and configuring Object Storage containers can all be performed using RESTful services. Traditionally speaking, RESTful web services expertise has been the domain of the application developer but times are changing and DBAs need to become more aware of this paradigm.

This session will provide an introduction to RESTful Services as they relate to database administrators. The session will include some examples and demonstrations of using RESTful services to configure database cloud, storage and backup components as well as cover tips for scripting RESTful call outs for automation in production database environments using tools like cURL.

The session will also include REST Orchestrations (for the Oracle Public Cloud) and an introduction to SODA - Simple Oracle Document Access.

Dienstag, 21.11.2017
08:30 - 09:15
Foyer Tokio

Sean Stacey

Oracle Outbound Database Product manager

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