Practical database administration automation with Ansible

As the demand for Continuous Delivery and Cloud Computing increases, so to does the repatative nature of DBA work. This is where automation can help you. One of the most popular Devops Tools for automation is Ansible. Ansible allows you to automate workflows using YAML an easy to use language, that can also serve as documentation. This session is a practical "no-slides" hacking session where the presenters will implement basic DBA workflows using Ansible automation software. The presented examples will give the audience the necessary skills to get started with Ansible so that they can implement their own custom workflows.

Dienstag, 21.11.2017
16:00 - 16:45

Mikael Sandström

Kindred Group
Mikael Sandström has been working as an Oracle Database Engineer since the early 2000's. His expertise lies in the platform/infrastructure area. He is a firm believer in the concept of Infrastructure as code and thinks that there is no reason the DB couldn't be treated the same way. Currently he is (among other things) automating all the things at Kindred Group/Unibet

Ilmar Kerm

Kindred Group
Ilmar has worked with Oracle Databases since 2005, starting out with Oracle 9i. Last 9 years he has been working with one of the largest online gambling providers in Europe, Kindred/Unibet, as a Senior Database administrator, where he manages both busy transactional databases and large data warehouse daily. Previously he has been both in DBA and developer roles in medical and IT consulting industries. Although living in Stockholm, he is also the president for Oracle user Group Estonia.

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