Oracle Cluster Health Advisor – How It Works & How to Use It

What if Oracle RAC database issues were detected before they had an impact? What if you were notified with a specific diagnosis and corrective actions?
Learn how diagnosing and resolving over 30 of the most common Oracle RAC database problems no longer requires extensive knowledge of not only database internals but networking, storage and O/S interactions.

This session will present a technical deep dive into the new Oracle Database 12c/Rel. 2 Cluster Health Advisor (CHA) and how it continuously analyses database ASH/AWR data and network, storage and O/S metrics to provide early warning and targeted resolution using machine learning. This session will explain its adaptive learning and prognostics design, the scope of the problems it diagnoses and use of this new feature including calibration to your workloads. Walkthroughs of its runtime use with actual issues using the new CHACTL utility and standalone Java GUI tool as well as integration with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c will be included. The session will conclude with best practices on improving CHA prognostic sensitivity by creating and calibrating custom models that track your normal workload phases. Agenda will include:
- Introduction
- CHA Architecture and Operation Details
- Using CHA from the Command Line
- Using CHA from EMCC for Alerts and Corrective Actions
- Using the CHA GUI to Perform Root-Cause Analysis
- Calibrating CHA to your RAC deployment
- Q&A – Further Information

Dienstag, 21.11.2017
14:00 - 14:45

Mark Scardina

Oracle Corporation
Mark Scardina is currently the Director of Product Management responsible for Oracle's Quality of Service Management, Cluster Health products the Oracle Autonomous Health Framework. Previously, he was in charge of development of Oracle's Trusted Information Exchange having been Oracle's XML Evangelist for Server products and the Group Product Manager for the CORE and XML Development Group. Mark has chaired the Oracle XML Standards committee and participated on the OGC, W3C XSL and DOM Working Groups. He is a frequent speaker at industry trade shows and conferences and is co-author of 4 software patents and of several books including Oracle Database 10g XML & SQL.

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Markus Michalewicz

Oracle Corporation
Markus Michalewicz has been with Oracle for more than 18 years in various positions. He is currently a Senior Director with Oracle America and manages the Oracle Database High Availability (HA) and Scalability product management (PM) team, which is part of Oracle Database development. His team is responsible for the product management of some of Oracle's Database options (e.g. the Oracle Real Application Clusters options and Oracle Active Data Guard), including related technologies (e.g. the "Oracle RAC Family of Solutions"). Together with Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Sharding these technologies form the foundation for Oracle's industry-leading Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) as well as Oracle's Autonomous Database. Working with Oracle’s Sales, Sales Consulting, Consulting and Support organizations as well as customers and partners around the world, Markus and his team help to ensure that Oracle's customers can rely on the Oracle Database as one of the most available and most scalable database management solutions for on-premises and cloud deployments available on the market today.

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