Speed up Development

Entwickeln mit APEX ist schnell. Sehr schnell sogar.

Aber es geht noch besser, schneller und einfacher!

Mit welchen Tricks, Abkürzungen und Tools sie im APEX-Entwicklungsalltag noch effizienter werden können, erfahren sie in dieser kurzweiligen Präsentation.

Tuesday, 2017-11-21
3:00 pm - 3:45 pm
Development: DB Development

Peter Raganitsch

Oracle ACE-Director
Peter Raganitsch is CEO & co-Founder of FOEX GmbH, an Austrian IT company focused on developing the FOEX Plugin Framework - a Rapid Application Development tool meant to extend the current capabilities of the Oracle Application Express and simplify the way enterprise-grade web applications are being built. Having more than 20 year of experience in using Oracle technologies, Peter is an Oracle ACE Director sharing his knowledge through articles, trainings and webinars. He's an active member on the Oracle APEX community, speaking at various conferences such as Oracle Open World, Kscope, DOAG, UKOUG, APEX Connect, APEX World, SIOUG and HrOUG and frequently writes about Oracle APEX on his blog: Get along with Oracle and APEX (oracle-and-apex.com). Peter?s technical knowledge and expertise extends to areas such as: Oracle APEX, PL/SQL, jQuery, ExtJS, AJAX, Oracle Forms, legacy systems migration and mobile applications.

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