Oracle ALTA UI : Smashing UI for Web and Mobile

Oracle uses the Oracle Alta UI to develop the most recent Oracle Cloud products, the latest versions of Oracle Fusion Applications, a number of innovative mobile applications. With fewer elements, cleaner designs and minimal UI chrome, the Oracle ALTA UI adds to the faster loading of critical content and helps users to keep focus on data. This session discusses the key concepts you should consider for creating modern user interfaces for your web applications as well as your mobile applications. It then demonstrates, based on a real life scenario, how to achieve these user interfaces with the Oracle ADF Faces feature of Oracle Application Framework (Oracle ADF) and Oracle MAF.—> In this session, the audience will first learn about the key concepts of Mobile and Web UI's. After that, I will introduce Oracle ALTA UI and how Oracle ALTA UI can be used to implement these concepts. First, I will show how to apply the ALTA UI concepts to an Oracle ADF Browser Application. Next, I will do the same for an Oracle MAF mobile app. Finally, the audience will learn a way to embed the ADF Browser application to the Oracle MAF app and have a smooth transition between both UI's.

Donnerstag, 19.11.2015
15:00 - 15:45

Luc Bors


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