Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1: Do More With Less

Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1 (WLS) is the most significant release of WLS since Oracle added WLS to its product portfolio with the acquisition of BEA in 2008. This session by WebLogic developer and JCP Specification Lead Ed Burns goes behind the buzzwords and explains the enterprise value-add brought by WLS 12.2.1 in plain English. Ed infuses his decades long experience in web technologies throughout the presentation, addressing such topics as why app servers are still useful, what role standards play in transitioning to the cloud, and what is the difference between "full stack" and "monolith".

Ed introduces the new version of WLS by taking a tour of two big ticket new features: multitenancy and Java EE 7. Other features such as continuous availability, REST management, and Docker/devops features will also be included.

The multitenancy features in WebLogic Server offer extreme efficiency, full isolation, application portability, and full automation, all in an easy to adopt format.

Java EE 7 is the latest version of the Java standard full stack of loosely coupled, highly cohesive technologies for building enterprise software. EE 7 features new versions of popular standards such as JAX-RS (REST), CDI, Servlet, JSF, JSON, WebSocket, JMS, and more.

WLS 12.2.1 delivers these and other new features, while continuing the promise of stability and scale developers expect.

Donnerstag, 19.11.2015
15:00 - 15:45

Ed Burns

Oracle Corporation

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