Bad Boys of Replication - Changing Everything

There comes a time in every database’s life where things need to change. This is a report about a project where a customer needed to change everything at once! And this for their most mission-critical, multi-terabyte production database and it had to be done with little or no downtime. The included everything, from changing data-centers across the country, swapping hardware (including CPU-Architecture, operating system also including an Endian-change) and an upgrade of the RAC-cluster to 12c. And because that was not enough we also moved the migration date back by a few weeks, after the project was already started.

As the 'Bad Boys of On-line Replication', the authors will share how they turned this project around to create a success against all odds. During the presentation they will explain the methods and tools used and they will share concerns and considerations they faced during the project. The story gives an overview of how such a project can be handled in a real-world setting. Ending with an overview of pitfalls and recommendations, this story helps prepare you to be ready to be a "Bad Boy" too!

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