Everything That's Wrong With IT - And How to Fix It

IT is the profession that is the subject of the most jokes, because we make it easy for people to laugh at us. There are only four things wrong that we need to fix:
1.     What we build
2.     How we build it
3.     How we roll it out
4.     How we maintain it
In this entertaining presentation, Sten tells real-life stories and shows gadgets that demonstrate what's wrong, and explains how to get started building applications that truly meet your users' needs. Learn how to overcome typical development impediments, how to roll out applications successfully and how to support systems that deserve to live and kill systems that deserve to die.

Donnerstag, 17.11.2016
15:00 - 15:45
Strategie & Business Practices

Sten Vesterli

More Than Code
Sten Vesterli is one of Europe's leading experts on Oracle technology and has been comparing Oracle tools for more than 15 years, speaking at conferences, writing books and publishing the popular Oracle Tool Watch on www.oratoolwatch.com. He just finished writing his third book on Oracle ADF and is currently writing one on Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service. He was recognized by Oracle with the title of Oracle ACE Director for 10 years, until Oracle excommunicated him from the program for the heresy of criticizing their cloud strategy. Sten is a private pilot and Ironman triathlete who lives in Denmark. @stenvesterli and @oratoolwatch

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