Best Practices with ODI : Flexibility

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) seems to be slow when it is installed out-of-the-box, since it has to
comply with different versions of the databases and operating systems. The default installation
is generally not the optimal choice. ODI is a flexible product, that can be customized for specific
requirements and to implement new features of the database or operating systems. Attendees
will learn how to easily create a customized ODI environment.
This presentation will demonstrate the flexibility of the Knowledge Module, configuration best
practices and the best query response time tips and techniques depending on complex business
requirements. It will include information about how to load an extensive number of files quickly
with a special algorithm, as well as how to define new customized data types, analytical and
database functions, archiving ODI logs in a timely fashion and using Oracle HINTS in a variabled
and static way due to business and IT needs.

Dienstag, 30.05.2017
11:15 - 12:00
Amsterdam 3

Gürcan Orhan

Ekol Logistics Corp.
Oracle ACE-Director
Working as Enterprise DataWareHouse Architect at Ekol Logistics Corporation. Awarded Oracle Excellence Awards, Technologist of the Year 2011 : Enterprise Architect as well as ACE Director for Business Intelligence expertise. Experienced mostly on data warehouse architecture and ETL/ELT development. He has been working with database systems since 1994 and developed his first data warehouse in 2003 with Oracle 6i. He has used almost well known DBMS systems, modelling, ETL and BI tools, but experienced mainly on Oracle Data Integrator as a data integration tool. He's one of the board member of TROUG (Turkish Oracle User Group) and Chairman of BI&DWH SIG as well as having membership in various Oracle User Groups worldwide.

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