APEX, ADF, or ABCS? A real-life application built in 3 tools

As Oracle developers, we used to have only a hammer (Oracle Forms), so everything looked like a nail (a job for Oracle Forms). Today, our choices also include Application Express (APEX), Application Development Framework (ADF), and the new Application Builder Cloud Service (ABCS).

This presentation is based on a real-life application for a travel agency. The first version was an APEX 4.2 application running on-site, and for the next version, the customer wanted a cloud-based solution. Upgrading to APEX 5.1 running in Oracle Database Cloud Database Schema Service was an obvious option, but the customer wanted to know whether ADF (in the Java Cloud Service) or Application Builder Cloud Service would be a better strategic choice. It was therefore decided to re-develop the same application three times in APEX, ADF, and ABCS.

This unique presentation presents three solutions side by side, together with the lessons learned about each tool.

Dienstag, 21.11.2017
08:30 - 09:15
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