OVM on Exadata: Living in a Virtual World

While the cloud is gaining more and more interest, virtualisation has become a common thing. As a result of that, more and more of our customers ask to implement Oracle VM on Exadata. This session will discuss the project implementation and issues encountered.

It will answer following following questions :
- What is it and what is it not?
- When could you use it?
- How does it work?
- How to install?
- How to patch?
- Which pitfalls and problems were encountered and how to solve them?
- How does it compare to other Engineered Systems, for example the Super Cluster?

At the time of the DOAG conference, several OVM on Exadata Systems we implemented will be in production for more than a year, which will give us the opportunity to share a lot of information.

Mittwoch, 22.11.2017
15:00 - 15:45
van Puymbroeck

Pieter van Puymbroeck

Oracle ACE
I am an Oracle dba started in Oracle 9i. I am currently working as a Senior Oracle DBA at Exitas NV . Most of the time I work on short term projects which put me in touch with a lot of different aspects of the Oracle database, going from infrastructural point to complete designs and implementations, the result of this is a nice allround experience and a broad personal network. Currently the focus is on Exadata/ODA and virtualisation on exadata. Exadata experience starting from X2 to X7 including complete reinstallation?s and redesigns of the environment. My main focus is to help the customer to find the best solution fitting in his budget and offer the maximum out of it given restrictions. The bit of free time there is left, is mostly spent on being husband and a dad for my son. The time left I like to spend with sailing and playing the double bass, bass guitar and the saxophone.

Philippe Fierens

Fierens Consulting
Oracle ACE
Philippe is an independent oracle dba currently working for a company situated in the banking sector. As a consultant he helps his clients to find efficient, cost efficient ,performing and sometimes creative solutions. The last 4 years he worked on engineered systems of the exadata family, first Super Cluster now on Exadata X2 X4 X5 X6. As a consultant he helps his clients to find efficient, cost efficient ,performing and sometimes creative solutions. After finishing a migration project involving 3 M9000 s and 2 Oracle T4 Super Clusters, he now works for a customer in the banking sector on Exadata and OVM When not working with oracle you can find him with his wife and two daughters or behind the camera taking pictures for various occasions and events and hiking with his family in the mountains

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