Microservices Runtimes

Instead of luring you into the new architectural style of microservices with buzzwords and well crafted, high level, colorful PowerPoints, we will take a different approach in this presentation that was initially presented at the Oracle User Group in Sao Paulo.

At first, we will critically review some typical design challenges and dissect several oversimplified but commonly accepted assumptions.

Then we will shift the focus to the core: runtime platforms and clouds. Once you build them, based on what, where and how should you run your microservices? 

This presentation gives a detailed, but down to earth, entertaining and rather complete introduction to the world of microservices runtimes. You will learn about the best Oracle and non-Oracle technologies for running microservices, understand what role containers play in this area and what the benefits of each of the platforms presented are.

We will have a closer look at systems like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, Serverless Architectures / FaaS, and Oracle Solutions such as Oracle Java Cloud Service (JCS), Application Cloud Service (ACCS), Container Cloud Service etc.

Donnerstag, 23.11.2017
16:00 - 16:45
Development: Enterprise Architecture

Frank Munz

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