Multinenancy Features in WebLogic and JCS

Delivering applications to your customers with JCS can be complicated if multiple customers use different applications which all request resources. With the use of Microcontainers/Partitions, Multitenancy features such as JVM & Resource isolation and dynamic clustering you can deliver what you promise to your cloud customers. This session will give you an overview of what is possible with respect to security, performance management and scalability in the cloud.

Mittwoch, 22.11.2017
10:00 - 10:45
Started in pharmacy, Michel made the change to IT in 1996, on UNIX based computers and the MUMPS language. These days he is the Lead Technologist at Qualogy. He started in 2000 as a support analyst for a financial institute with BEA Tuxedo 6.5 and WebLogic 6. . In 2012 he became an Oracle ACE and wrote 2 books about WebLogic: - - These days Michel is an expert in containerization with technologies as docker and kubernetes, and how to transform traditional landscapes into a more modernized architectire

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