Join Methods: Nested Loop, Hash, Sort, Merge, Adaptive

This is about the basics: the join methods. Not really new, but the core stuff that must be understood for any SQL query tuning. The approach is a live demo only: running some join queries in slow motion, with gdb breakpoints, in order to understand exactly how the join methods are processed.

When you understand how it works, you know exactly which join method is good for your workload: high or low selectivity, first or all rows,... And we will see some ways we can improve joins: covering indexes, partitions, adaptive plans...

Dienstag, 20.11.2018
15:00 - 15:45

Franck Pachot

Oracle ACE-DirectorOracle OAK-Table
Computer Engineer at CERN, Oracle certified Master 12c, ACE Director, Oak Table member, Co-author of Oracle 12cR2 Multitenant (Oracle Press)

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