The Heart of Oracle – How the RDBMS actually works

How does the Oracle RDBMS actually work? In this session I'll tell you how. All of it. In under an hour. Well, the key processes and activities anyway. Whether Cloud or on your own servers, Oracle 12.2 back to, well, any version you have!
The session will help you better understand SQL and database performance, how data moves between disk, memory & your queries, how Oracle ensures you see a consistent set of data and, most importantly, what a "Consistent Get" actually is. And why the Datafiles are less important then Redo.
If you can write a select statement you can understand everything in this talk - and might end up knowing some things most oracle professionals don't know.
Understanding how the database works really helps you to use it more efficiently.

Tuesday, 2017-11-21
11:00 am - 11:45 am

Martin Widlake

Oracle ACE-DirectorOracle OAK-Table
Martin?s been working with Oracle tech since ?92. He joined Oracle by accident. When at Oracle he worked in the Healthcare dept on Forms/Reportwriter coding, VLDB stuff & PL/SQL when it was new, fresh & (frankly) a bit limited. Leaving Oracle he worked for half a dozen companies doing stuff. He then worked for the UK side of the Human Genome Project (finally using a degree in genetics & zoology) looking after massive databases. The US claims they did the lot but it was a world-wide consortium. Go the world. After that Martin worked for many companies doing VLDB, performance, design and PL/SQL work. Nothing great but lots of experience. Now he blogs, presents, writes and does User Groups. He works when someone asks him to help. Martin likes beer, wine, cats & industrial gardening. Part of him wishes he could take the work side more seriously but, hey, it?s the same stuff repeated. Fundamentally, it is about making IT systems support the business. Everything else is Froo-froo.

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