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13 Feb

"Pushing your kids into Coding will not work – they have to ask"

In this interview, Sebastien Blanc explains how to teach children programming. 

07 Feb

"The actual brain of the car was really hard to do!"

Bert Jan Schrijver gives an insight into the project with which he won the Duke's Choice Award in 2018. 

04 Feb

“We want to get real world Java developer feedback and contribution”

Heather VanCura gives us an insight into the Java Community Process (JCP).

13 Sep

"Kubernetes covers the whole spectrum"

Ed Burns talks about Kubernetes and Serverless. 

29 Aug

"Whatever weird technology exists can be protected with Keycloak"

Sebastien Blanc gives an insight into the access and identity management software Keycloak.

23 Aug

Bert Jan Schrijver: “Angular pushes you in a certain direction”

Bert Jan Schrijver, OpenValue, talks about the frontend technology Angular. 

19 Aug

Edson Yanaga: "Quarkus will benefit the entire Java ecosystem"

Edson Yanaga stellt das Framework „Quarkus” vor.

15 Mar

Practical tips for JavaLand 2019

As we intend to make your stay as pleasant as possible, we have compiled some practical information for you.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

06 Feb

Ed Burns: "JavaLand is big enough to bring in international speakers but small enough to interact with them"

We talked to JavaServer Faces co-spec lead Ed Burns about his history and his upcoming keynote at JavaLand 2019.

04 Dec

Recorded: "Life after Forms: The Move to APEX"

In this recording of his presentation “Life after Forms: The Move to APEX" at APEX Connect 2018, Alex Nuijten presents a practical report of a...

13 Nov

Recorded: A Brief History of Web Development with JavaScript

Golo Roden, founder and CTO of native web GmbH, talks about web development with JavaScript in this recording of his keynote at APEX Connect 2018....

30 Oct

Fun Facts on the History of Data Storage and Backup

Do you ever look back and wonder how you survived with floppy disks? Nowadays, the amount of information that can be stored increases at a high rate...

15 Oct

Introduction to Oracle Messaging Cloud Service

Messaging has been a long-standing work horse for system to system integration. It is undoubtedly the uncool kid in the playground of integration...

09 Oct

4 Female Pioneers in Tech

In honor of “Ada Lovelace Day” on October 9, let’s take a look at some of the pioneering women that helped to create and shape the programming and...

27 Sep

Speaking of the Future: AI Driven Conversational Interfaces

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and chatbots have become quite the darlings of the Oracle event circuit. Every presentation seems to...

26 Sep

End of Support vSphere 5.5: What's next?

The end of support for vSphere 5.5 on September 19, 2018, has once again intensified the debate on Oracle licensing. If you are using Oracle databases...

17 Sep

Eleven Steps to a Successful Submission of Your Presentation

The call for papers for APEX connect 2020 is now open. Once again, the task is to fill the more than 60 presentation slots. However, there is keen...

06 Sep

A New JavaScript UI to Go with Your Cloud

As more and more of Oracle’s software is being moved to the Cloud, and service API’s are being exposed for existing products, there has also been a...

05 Sep

Application examples for virtual reality systems via Gesture Control

Mark Heckler (Pivotal Principal Technologist & Spring Developer Advocate) and Thomas Endres (Associate Partner, TNG Technology) show two concrete...

30 Aug

Impressions from the open source community "Eclipse Foundation": paperwork and legal clarification

Ondrej Mihályi (Software Developer and Consultant, Leader of Czech JUG) reports at JavaLand 2018 in an interview with René Gielen (Struts PMC Chair...

27 Aug

JavaLand 2019 Call for Papers: Larger Participation Than Ever Before!

That the Java community is absolutely fantastic is no secret and has already been proven several times at JavaLand in Phantasialand. But this year, it...

22 Aug

5 Chatbots You Might Want to Meet

Chatbots are used more often in the Internet today than we are actually aware of. A seat selection for a concert, buying a plane ticket, or answering...

17 Aug

Experts on the transition of Java technologies from Oracle to the open source community

Ed Burns (Consulting Member of the Technical Staff, Oracle) and Christian Kaltepoth (Senior Software Developer, ingenit) talk about the transition of...

09 Aug

Machine Learning in a Nutshell

Machine Learning (ML) is a very popular topic at the moment – but what is it all about? Why is it becoming a thing now? Heli Helskyaho on the origins...

26 Jul

e-Estonia – The Little Country that Could

Estonia is often described as the digital leader in Europe. The country with just over one million citizens has managed to built e-solutions that save...

20 Jul

Recorded: “18ish Things Developers Will Love about Oracle Database 18c”

Chris Saxon, Oracle Developer Advocate für SQL, stellt in dieser Vortragsaufzeichnung der APEX Connect 2018 die seiner Meinung nach besten neuen...

20 Jul

The Microprofile Project as a driver for new ideas

In her keynote at JavaLand 2018, Holly Cummins (Technical Lead, IBM Bluemix Garage London) spoke about the prospects for benefits in moving services...

18 Jul

How does the Localization of Business Applications work?

Software localization is much more than simply translating the application's user interface. The actual work already starts much sooner during the...

23 May

Enthusiastic voices about the work of Java activists driving the development of Java technologies

Ixchel Ruiz (Canoo Engineering AG) and Sebastien Blanc (Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat ) reflect on the topic of "personal networking at JavaLan...